List of speakers and titles

Plenary speakers
Kytö, Merja (University of Uppsala, Sweden) “You in New England are theeves and Robbers”: Exploring an old language in a new setting
Lauersdorf, Mark Richard (University of Kentucky, United States) Mobility and Borders, Proximity and Distance: historical language contact and standard language development
van Rooy, Bertus (North-West University, South Africa) Elite and excluded users of English as a second language in 20th century South Africa
Dekoke, Taty & Susan Coetzee-Van Rooy (North-West University, South Africa) Congolese migrants and South African language appropriation
Ehresmann, Todd (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Urban migration and koinéization in the development of the Berlin urban vernacular
Ehresmann, Todd (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Hendriks, Jennifer (Australian National University), Howell, Robert B. (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Olson, Mike (Utrecht University) Migration and Morphological Change in Early Modern Holland
Fairman, Tony (Independent Scholar) Word Etymology and Structure as markers of Social Rank and Mobility: England, 1750-1835
Fernández-Mallat, Víctor (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) The Spanish of Andean Immigrants in Chile: Dialectal Convergence and Divergence in a Dialect Contact Situation
Hendriks, Jennifer (Australian National University) The effects of complex migration trajectories on individual linguistic repertoires in the Early Modern Dutch urban context
Jansen, Sandra (University of Brighton) Variation and Change Processes in Three Neighbouring Communities on the West Cumbrian Coast
Kirsten, Johanita (North-West University, South Africa) That troublesome Afrikaans past tense passive: on standardisation and variability and change
Mäkinen, Martti (Hanken School of Economics) Ethos, pathos and logos of William Salmon (1644-1713)
Olson, Mike (Utrecht University) A Corpus-Based Approach to Historical Sociolinguistics: Koinéization in Golden Age Amsterdam
Schiegg, Markus (University of Augsburg) Were 19th-Century Lower Class Writers Able to Shift Registers? The Variability of Lunatic Letters
Tejedo, Fernando (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Printing, standardisation practices and social mobility in Early Modern Spanish
van Hattum, Marije (Liverpool Hope University) ‘Queensland for Ever & Augus un ballybug go braugh’: Language & identity in nineteenth-century Irish English emigrant letters
Wasserman, Ronel (North-West University, South Africa) Sociohistorical motivation for the parallel development of the modals and quasi-modals of 20th-century White South African English and Afrikaans
Włodarczyk, Matylda (Adam Mickiewicz University) Literacies on the move to the Cape Colony: The 1820 settler database